Africa isn’t called the mother continent for nothing, we should celebrate that in our daily lives. When you think of Africa, images of bushveld come to mind, natural tones, patterns, texture and women with curves. Those in the know, like Beyoncé are turning into Africa for inspiration. African motifs such as animal prints, African beads and crafts are being re-appropriated into modern designs, celebrating a fusion of African and contemporary designs.

SAFF is all about identity and self-articulation, a way in which we can express our stories and celebrate where we come from. We celebrate what it means to be SA and truly African. Women need to prove that there is no wrong way to be a woman and validate their size to the fashion world. We empower, educate and encourage women to take pride of their natural African figures, love the skin they are in and embrace their uniqueness and individualism. Our models are full figured and they fit African standards.

SAFF garment designs integrate all SA tribes. With the diverse cultures and backgrounds in SA, we use music to connect those cultures together and remind each other that despite our social strata, we are connected as one. This is why SAFF sought the support of Department of Arts and Culture to bring South Africa the ultimate, fashion festival 2016 experience.

With the tag line “Fashion meets Business” the first edition of SA Fashion Festival will kick off on 09 November 2016.

SAFF 2016

09 November 2016
Heroes Park
East London
South Africa
Where Fashion And Business Converge

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